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Rolfing® Memphis
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What is Rolfing®? 

Rolfing is a system of physical manipulation and movement education that is designed to restore the body to its healthiest and most efficient alignment. By lengthening and repositioning the connective tissue (muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc.) Rolfing works to establish changes in the body's overall structure and sculpt it into a more efficient working unit.

Company history 

Rolfing® Memphis is a private Rolfing® practice owned and operated by Jola Carrick, R.N., Certified Rolfer™ which opened in Bartlett, Tennessee in October 2008. In 2011, Rolfing® Memphis moved to Cordova, Tennessee and in 2014, we moved to East Memphis. Rolfing® Memphis was accredited by the Better Business Bureau in August 2010.

Rolfing Certification 

The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration is the sole certifying body for Rolfers. This certification enables graduates of the training program to become members of The Rolf Institute, who may offer this work to the public, referring to themselves as Certified Rolfers and Rolf Movement Practitioners. To determine if a practitioner is a Certified Rolfer, consumers look for the trademark, ROLF™, ROLFER™, ROLFING®, and THE ROLF INSTITUTE®.

A list of certified Rolfers is available at www.rolf.org.